wedding rings, wedding minister, bride & groom; Temecula wedding photography!

this is one of my all time favorite shots that I've taken at a wedding in Temecula earlier this year, I just had a chance to look at it and edit it and it's just amazing the way it came out and the natural light coming through and touches the wedding minister's hand as he is holding the rings and validating the marriage, it just makes me love and appreciate what I do for a living to be able to capture these special moments that people will appreciate for years and years to come and for as long as they live. this was shot with my Canon 7D and 85mm portraits lens which is arguably one of the best lenses to use at a wedding, focuses like crazy and in a fast amount of time. And the editing was all done by me to enhance all the colors and give it better saturation and a little bit of a vignette effect.

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