Sunset Family Photoshoot in the woods!

this was a pretty awesome place, it looks like it was in the woods but it is actually a local park in Murrieta, CA. During the golden hour before the sunset, it is usually stunning as the sun light is setting in between the big trees. Thank you to the Beckwith family for accepting my suggestion and allowing me to shoot their family pictures.

High School Senior Photoshoot in Rainy/Cold Southern California Day

We all know that it hardly rains or gets super cold in California but lately, it has been a different story. it has been challenging to do photoshoots outdoors because of constant rain through out the week and this photoshoot was no different, 5 minutes into the photoshoot and showers started so I had to make adjustments and try to shoot in the rain as fast as I can and at the same time try not to damage my equipment. most importantly, my client was understanding of the situation and welcomed last minute changes which I appreciated.

Preparing For Business Headshots Session

shooting at the golden hour is probably my favorite time of the day because of the crisp, beautiful light that it creates and here is an example of how nice business headshots come out right before the sun sets. Preparing for a business headshots session is important, making the client feel comfortable posing in front of the camera is a must, I get clients at times who have never taken professional pictures before and they look nervous before hand so making them comfortable is always my top priority. Second, getting the right pose and angles is also important, business headshots may seem easy but it's always better to refer back to the client to see which side would they prefer or feel comfo

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