a fairytale wedding :)

What a stunning wedding this was, Congrats to John & Ines Cruz on their marriage and may they live happily ever after. it was my pleasure to be the photographer for their special day, the picture above was taken at Redhawk community golf course in Temecula, CA. beautiful scenery in the background with the waterfalls and the gorgeous flowers and greens, absolutely perfect backdrop for any kind of photography, it was my first time shooting at that place and definitely going back for more. The wedding itself was well planned and thoughtful; beautiful details and all from start to finish.

Traditional Indian Wedding!

This was one of the most unique and entertaining moments of my career; it was my first time shooting a traditional Indian wedding! it was absolutely beautiful, every step of it is complicated and maybe hard to understand for non Indians but still it was pretty interesting to be part of it and experience it through my camera lens. you can see in the picture all the details that goes into validating the marriage in the Hindu culture.

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