Natural Light Portrait!

Hi Everyone, Nothing's better than natural light portraits especially if it's a beautiful day outside and perfect conditions for shooting, nothing can beat it. This was shot outdoors on a partly cloudy day with no reflection and yet it came out absolutely gorgeous! I didn't do much editing on it either because I was so in love with how the lighting came out that I decided not to do much to it. I like shooting on dirt in between plants and weeds, I think it gives it nice composition and colorful lively look that I would always appreciate. The model was also beautiful, nice smile, and very easy with instructions on how to pose so it made my job easier without a doubt.

Studio Lighting Photography!

Studio Photography is just phenomenal, you can explore and test so many lighting and strobe angles and get the best shots possible in terms of portraits. My model here was a friend of mine Marco Garcia, the portrait was mainly lit from the top and also his left cheek as you can see the shadows on the right cheek and below his chin area. He was looking right into the lighting strobe, you can see the reflection in both his eyes. it's always a fun experience for me when I get to shoot in a studio, pretty great models, I am jus glad I get to do this for a living.

HDR Portrait Photography!

High Dynamic Range effect is always one of my favorite techniques to use with portraits and even landscape and nature photography. it gives the images such great sharpness and contrast and also elegance. it is basically photos taken at different exposure levels, and they are put together in Photoshop or any other photo editing software to make into an awesome looking picture. I am able to blend the photos together to create one stunning image. it isn't easy to create it because it does take a while to edit and get the right contrast and exposure.

Halloween/Make Up/ Bride Close up!

This close up was done on Halloween for a newly wed bride, in a dress/gown inspired make up and Halloween costume. This make up was simple, yet elegant and catches your attention from a further place. This was done in the evening right before the sunset in a backyard where there wasn't much sun light during that time. it wasn't easy to get crisp lighting through the camera without an on camera flash but after further editing I was able to make it crisp with beautiful colors and capture that great side ways face close up.

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